The word as a weapon | Dedicated to Journalists' Day in Ukraine 2022

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On February, 24th, Ukrainian journalists have taken the most dangerous weapon, the WORD. Every day, they fight tirelessly on the informational front, unveiling inhuman crimes of the russian army.
During more than 100 day of the full-scale war, the aggressor country committed over 280 crimes against journalists and media in Ukraine, sharing blatant lie of the kremlin propaganda.
For the end of the May 2022, russian soldiers have killed 30 journalists, 8 of them have died in the line of duty. Dozens of media workers were injured, 15 journalists are reported as missing, 9 were kidnapped, and now they are held in captivity by russians.
Their foreign colleagues have joined the informational resistance, supporting and honoring an incredible work of the Ukrainian journalists. The war in Ukraine was reflected on the front pages of 141 media from 39 countries, in 20 languages. There are also more than 2000 foreign journalists who cover the course of the russian-Ukrainian war, risking their lives.
We have created a video, dedicated to Journalists' Day in Ukraine, as a sign of respect for brave fighters of the informational front who are on guard of the truth.
We thank the brave defenders of freedom and truth of speech!
Idea: Valeria Savenko
Editing: Andrii Leon

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Tanja 29 күн бұрын
Журналисты- герои! 🇺🇦
Olha Veleshchuk
Olha Veleshchuk 28 күн бұрын
Ппо це варто пам'ятати. Шана і хвала тим, хто береже інформаційний фронт. Світла пам'ять тим, кого нема.
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